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Slab Leak Repair 101 – Southlake, TX

Part of a series on Slab Leak Detection & Repair

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Golden SkyFlower
Golden SkyFlower
17:42 08 Apr 17
I tried to get several quotes but nobody could get as low as them, and when i hired them...they sent them out fast and it was complete, foundation patched back up before i got home from work. My friend has a commercial friend plumber that told me to make sure they did certain things. They sent pics of their work, commercial plumber said it was correct, everything is working again....sooo happy with this company!! Thank you! May hire them for my add on 😉
James Rich
James Rich
18:53 13 Dec 16
I've had the privilege of working directly with the office staff at Master repair. They are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I greatly enjoy working with them!
Rick Murdock
Rick Murdock
15:07 14 Mar 17
Great job! Your team was polite, thorough, quick.
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Part 5: Can I go it alone?

In Southlake, Texas, homeowners choose to live in any number of kinds of homes, from English-inspired Tudor homes to Mediterranean styles to “Old World” architecture, the town knows how to build a gorgeous home.

They also know how to protect those homes.

While homeowners can be very hands-on about the trimmings of their abodes, one thing most of them know is that when it comes to dealing with the threats posed by slab leaks, it’s important to let the professionals handle the details.

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Professionals like the neighborhood experts at Master Plumbing Repair.


You COULD try to get it done yourself, but you’ve already learned about the intricate, tiny-margin-for-error procedures used to fix the leaking pipes in a home’s foundation.


Southlake, Texas has been recognized as one of the richest cities in the United States by a number of sources–and its 76092 zip code was ranked as the nation’s richest zip code for its population size.

Texas home

A penny saved is a penny earned, but in the case of slab leak repair, the stakes are high enough to try not to do it on the cheap.


Think about what DIY really means here.


Are you REALLY sure you want to:


Trust the expertise of a YouTube video, which doesn’t account for the specific nuances of your home or the Southlake area, over the expertise of a professional (who is likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance)?


Take a crack at identifying the source of the leak yourself? Many people don’t realize it takes specialized equipment and tools just to FIND the leak, much more to fix it.


But really, would you:


Take a jackhammer to your home’s precious concrete foundation, blasting away bits of the house’s all-important base in hopes that you’ll get to the source of the problem–providing that you correctly identified its location in the first place?

Risk further damaging the pipes in the foundation, starting the process all over again?


Discover that after a failed attempt at doing the complicated repair yourself, that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover professional repairs after a DIY-gone-wrong?


Pay what would likely amount to thousands of dollars in additional repairs resulting from said botched DIY project, with no help from insurance?


Why risk it?


The best way you could “do-it-yourself” would be to do your homework (which it seems you’re doing, reading this article series) and find the best local professionals who can expertly identify and fix slab leaks in a timely and excellent fashion.


It’s time to call Master Plumbing Repair. Call or click now to start talking to the duty experts who will get it done.

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Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Southlake, TX
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